Freestanding Shield

Product Description

Created through a partnership with Toronto Industrial Design Firm Fig40.
“Large, freestanding screens tend to be either light and mobile or sculptural, stand-alone features. With this screen we brought a sense of scale and subtle form to a large, vertical surface, supporting it with a weighted centre base, giving the composition a quiet and distinct character with a large range of usability. The single point base easily enables the linking of numerous screens together, eliminating the clustering of feet, resulting in a more unified composition.” – Lee Fletcher, Fig40

Laminate: 61″-78″
Whiteboard: 72″
Widths: 36″-48″

Expertly Crafted
Stabilized by a single, steel foot, the Freestanding is an independent structure expressed through a soft and approachable form with a generous arc on the lower side to lend a sense of lightness to a large, vertical surface. It is more than a divider, it is a design feature.

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