Adapting Your Workplace For Safety

Adapting Your Workplace For Safety

Recommended COVID-19 Safe Office Solutions

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a major shift in how we think and work. Aside from standard preventative measures like hand washing and mouth covering, it’s important to provide the right space for your team to practice social distancing and continue to work productively.

Below are some COVID-19 related office solutions that will help you create a safe and efficient office environment.

Regardless if you’re setting up a new office environment or If you already have an office setup, we offer an exciting selection of various office furniture solutions, including: desks, chairs, cubicles/workstations, filing/storage, and whatever else you need for your office setup.

We offer NEW as well as USED office furniture. We provide free space planning, design, and of course high quality installation.

We have beautiful office furniture showrooms in Pompano Beach and Doral.




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